Medical Records

Managed Healthcare Pharmacy can provide customized medical records for your assisted living or long term care facility. These medical records are designed to save each care provider valuable time, and to better care for the well-being of each resident.

COLOR-CODED MARs saves time by eliminating the shuffling of various charts, stopping to read each one for accuracy. We know that colored charts is a simple upgrade, but sometimes the simple ideas are the most useful for getting quickly through the charting task, and improving accuracy by helping to prevent human error.

Color coded forms for added security and ease of use

Our medical records services include the following:

  • Clinical and administrative end-of-month summary reports

  • Customized Medication Administration Records (MARs) and eMARS

  • Physician Order Sheets (POS)

  • Treatment Administration Records (TARs)

  • Customized clinical flow records

  • We also have electronic MAR tools available! (eMARS)