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Customer Care
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Pharmacy Customer Care

Managed Healthcare Pharmacy has achieved success by continually exceeding our client’s expectations.

Customer Service – The cornerstone of MHP is providing good customer service, it’s what sets us apart.

At MHP, our goal is to provide exceptional service and assistance to you, your facility, and staff so you can focus on giving the best care to your residents.

Providing pharmacy services throughout the states of Oregon and Washington, Managed Healthcare Pharmacy has become the pharmacy of choice for many LTC Facilities. With a unique delivery system and cutting edge technology, MHP has stayed up to date with Long Term Care standards allowing our Pharmacy to provide the highest level of pharmacy services to your facility.

Managed Healthcare Pharmacy has also became a one stop shop pharmacy service for many LTC Facilities. From Medications to Medical Equipment and Incontinent Supplies, MHP is able to meet all your patients needs at your facility.


IMPORTANT-NUMBERS Managed Healthcare Pharmacy is committed to assisting you. Download this Important Numbers PDF to post for quick reference.


1750 Willow Creek Circle
PO Box 2767
Eugene OR 97402
Phone: 541-744-1641
Fax: 541-744-1052
Toll Free: 866-367-8701
TF Fax: 866-367-8702
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