Pharmacy Consulting

We offer professional services to accomplish optimal health outcomes for your clients.

As skilled professionals with an extensive range of skills, our pharmacy consultants will be valued members of your facility’s team, helping you to achieve optimal outcomes for your residents. With many years of experience within Long Term Care facilities our pharmacy consultants will have a thorough understanding of your facility’s unique needs; they provide a tailored program that encompasses the educational and regulatory concerns of the facility while ensuring appropriate medicinal therapy for each resident.

Managed Healthcare Pharmacy offers the following consulting services:

  • Physician Orders

  • Therapeutic Duplication

  • Drug-Disease Contraindication

  • Appropriate Drug Dosage

  • Appropriate Duration of Therapy

  • Clinical Drug Abuse or Misuse

  • Charts and eMARs for Facilities that are Interfaced with our Pharmacy Information System; Including Recommended Labs & Identifying Drug/Drug Interactions or Drug/Food Interactions.

  • RN Administration

  • Identifying Potential Problems and/or Patterns

  • PRN Parameters that are Resident Specific (Upon Request)
  • Resident Specific “Psychoactive Medication Acknowledgement” per Oregon OARs

  • Individual Resident Behavior & Possible Medication or Behavioral Interventions
  • In-Services Annually on Topics of Interest to each Facility and in Compliance with Oregon OARs
  • Assist with at Risk Plans:

    • Nutrition
    • Dehydration
    • Elopement
    • Fall
    • Complex Medication Regime
    • Pressure Ulcer
    • Assist with Service Planning
  • Offer Copies of “Guidelines” for Administration of non-Oral Meds (e.g. inhalers, suppositories, eye & ear drops)
  • Guest Appearance at Support Groups for Dementia Homes